Sand resin

Sand resin

Molding of various types of castings both in manual and plate form up to a maximum of 4000 Kg. each. Three molding points with arm mixers.

The range of brackets available satisfies the widest dimensional requirements according to the different types of castings.

Standard brackets minimum size 500×500 mm. – maximum 2500×2500 mm. but of multiple non-standard sizes to satisfy particular types of castings up to a maximum length of 8000 mm.

Green earth

Castings from 10 to 50 Kg. Semi-automatic plant with 350×500 mm. brackets for the production of small batches (batches from 10 to 500 pieces).

Manual molding

With pride, a manual molding department is kept in operation within the company with the experience of master founders for the production of artistic castings. We are able to reproduce one or more castings from original, even in poor condition.


We reproduce: old balconies, gates, frames, statues, period mechanical parts and more.